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50 Shades of Confusion

A flood of attention has been given to the release of the cinematic version of 50 Shades of Grey. Since that time, social media platforms have been bombarded with articles and debate about the intentions in the story. Dr. Miriam Grossman, a well-known psychiatrist, asserts that the film actually “blurs” the lines between what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships, creating “confusion”. In the midst of this swirling debate, it is crucial that we return to a conversation around the basic rights of every human being.

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Topics: Building Connections and Intimacy, Consent, domestic violence, Boundaries


Why Women Don't Leave

photo credit: SARA

Janet left her house one morning with a bruise around her eye, a baby in her arms, and a look of defeat on her face. Why did he hit her again? What had she done? This was not the first time he had lashed out, and she began to see that it wouldn’t be the last. She had left him before and she could do it again.

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Topics: domestic violence